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Lindy Jazz started in 2007 with a vision. My partner Andy and I wanted to create a warm and friendly swing dance scene in the North East, where people of different ages and backgrounds could meet to dance, have lots of fun, and make friends.

With the support of Andy and a dedicated team of teachers and supporters, I launched a programme of classes, workshops, and exciting social events where even people who have never danced get to experience the joy of learning the Lindy Hop and Blues.

It’s exciting to be the leading swing dance teacher and swing festival director in North East England, and my passion is helping adult beginners become confident dancers. My teaching style focuses on great technique, and it’s energetic, simple, and fun. That’s what keeps people coming back.

What started as a single dance class in Durham has blossomed into a thriving Swing dance community. Now I’m ready for a new challenge; to introduce SwingFit classes to those in the community who want to get fit and have fun through dance. I already teach community dance fitness classes for the NHS through their ‘Arts into Wellbeing’ project, and I believe that everyone should experience the joy of learning to dance, whether they are a complete beginner or a more experienced dancer.


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