1. How Do The Lindy Jazz Courses Work?

    September 30, 2023 by Joo-Lee

    We’d like to thank Vivienne, one our Lindy Jazz members for her views on how it all works!

    Is everyone in the class really good already?
    When I was a beginner, my main goal was simply to learn to swing dance to fabulous music. I wasn’t concerned about whether others were better dancers than me—I just wanted to gather the courage to go on my own. It was a personal achievement I aimed for, and thanks to Joo-Lee, Andy, and my fellow dancers, I felt incredibly welcome.

    Will I be the oldest or the slowest in the class?
    Personally, I didn’t worry about the age of my fellow dancers. When I first attended, the class had a diverse range of ages, so I never felt uncomfortable.

    How long does it take to be able to dance?
    There isn’t an exact timeframe for this. We learn foundational steps that serve as building blocks for more complex routines and moves. Personal attitude plays a role too—learning to relax, not being too critical of yourself if things don’t go perfectly, and embracing the freedom to express your own personality through dance. With Joo-Lee and Andy, there’s no pressure to get it right immediately. Dancing is an exciting, ongoing journey.

    Are the Lindy Jazz courses suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! Lindy Jazz courses are specifically designed for beginners. The learning pace is relaxed, breaking down everything from basic steps to counting beats, rhythm, and the unique style of Lindy Jazz. Supportive videos recap the steps, and Joo-Lee and Andy are excellent, approachable teachers who are always happy to help with any dance-related questions.

    If I can’t attend every class in the course, will I fall behind or miss out?
    Not at all! We provide recap videos via an online link that you automatically gain access to when you start the course. Additionally, there’s a Messenger group where you can watch videos or share supportive messages with other dancers. You’ll also receive emails about upcoming workshops and social events, ensuring you stay connected even if you miss a class.

    Learn to swing dance with Lindy Jazz courses. Easy basics for beginners and exciting moves for experienced dancers.

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  2. One Small Step

    November 30, 2022 by Joo-Lee

    I didn’t get the chance to Swing dance when I was young. I only learned to Swing dance in my 30’s. I know that if I’d told myself then that I needed to be a natural born dancer or have dance experience before I turned up to my first Swing dance class, I wouldn’t be having so much fun Swing dancing let alone teaching Lindy Hop today.

    When you see me dance, it may look as if I have always found dancing easy. However, my ‘trade secret’ is that I make time for dancing, learning, and practising.

    The power of ‘keep going’

    40 years ago (yep! I feel old) I taught my first music lessons.

    I’d just passed my diploma & my piano teacher gave me the opportunity to cover her lessons. This changed my life!

    Suddenly, I had the opportunity to have first-hand experience of teaching, a glimpse at a career in music, and the self-belief to pursue my dream.

    The best part of all of it? I am blessed to have known wonderful students from across the globe who still keep in touch with me. I’ve been part of their musical journeys and I’ve seen them blossom, what a fantastic privilege!

    But music didn’t always come easy to me. Although I had a genuine passion for it, I got mediocre exam grades. I wasn’t considered to be ‘talented’ and was repeatedly told how much better other students were than me. This made it so hard to believe that the hard work I’d put into hours of practice would actually come to anything.

    But I kept going!  Even though at times my heart and head were saying different things. My heart said “But you want this, you want to teach music” and my head said “I am not sure if I am any good at all!”

    But I kept going!  I kept going by taking One Small Step each day. The One Small Step could be doing 5 minutes of practice or listening to the music I was studying. That One Small Step stopped me wasting time worrying about things I had no control over.

    The importance of building strong foundations

    Fast forward a few decades and I now specialise in something I never expected to! I teach advanced level music students at diploma and degree level to overcome performance anxiety by teaching them to build strong technique.

    How did that happen? Most super talented musicians who teach do not necessarily break down their technique as they already have a natural finesse. But as I had to work out the gaps in my own technique, I am now able to identify the gaps that I see over and over again in advanced level music students. Just like me, they were rushed through ‘the grades’ to pass exams at the expense of building solid foundations in their technique.

    What’s your One Small Step going to be?

    So how do you keep going when learning new dance skills feels hard?

    Keep attending class. Show up by being present, energetic, and positive.

    Ask yourself, “why do I want to learn to dance?.” Listen to your heart’s desire. Go with what you truly want and believe in and take your ‘One Small Step’ towards your dream. See what a difference it makes to your dancing and confidence.

    And if you miss a class? Don’t worry. Just log in to the Lindy Jazz course videos and you’ll catch up in no time!

  3. Dancing is like Speaking

    March 26, 2024 by Joo-Lee

    One thing I’ve found when people are learning to partner dance is they want to do everything amazingly well straight away. They’ve seen the performances on ‘Strictly’ and the brilliant dancers on YouTube who make it look so effortless, and they want to fast forward to dancing like that.

    Everyone thinks about the process of learning to dance very differently. For me, I think of the learning of dance as being exactly the same as learning language and communication skills. When you’re little, you don’t go from not being able to talk to suddenly having clever conversations. You start with the basics and then you advance over time; first you have to master the alphabet, then you form words, then basic sentences, and eventually, you master the clever conversations.

    Start with the building blocks-learn the alphabet

    So for example when a brand new beginner comes to learn to partner dance, we would normally teach them the alphabet; those basic moves and steps like the rock step, walking, or swinging your arms. Just like when learning to talk, before we put words or sentences together and learn higher level skills, we need to learn the basic foundations.

    Don’t expect to run (or dance) before you can walk-form the words 

    When our dancers are right at the beginning of their dance journey, we encourage them to manage their expectations. It’s important that they don’t expect to be able to lead and follow or display those higher level skills just yet. Using the learning to talk analogy, when we learn the alphabet, it doesn’t teach us how to have a coherent conversation or join words together. We need to practise the alphabet then eventually form words. So when learning to partner dance, you need to practise the basics on your own, whenever you get the chance. Repetition and patience is the key.

    Forget the clever conversations-begin with short sentences

    If you’re doing a 6-week Lindy Jazz course, by week 3 you might be at the point where a few moves are coming together. But we will always encourage you not to stray from getting the basics right and expecting to master higher level skills too soon. This is the same as expecting to go from learning a few words here and there to having a clever conversation. This puts far too much pressure on you way too soon and it can take the fun out of learning to dance. Be patient; the clever conversations will come. Focus on mastering the basics, repetition, and having fun. The clever bits will come in time.

    Dance is not performance, it’s communication

    That’s why we run the 6-week courses. Sometimes when people drop into a single class as a one-off, they expect to be able to master things straight away. Others may see dance as merely a performance, like an actor learning a new language so they can perform in a French play. This is because we see so much dance on social media and television, it’s easy to think that learning to dance is a means to an end. The end goal being a performance.

    Here at Lindy Jazz, we think of dance as learning a skill and using that skill to communicate.  We don’t teach our dancers to memorise choreography, we teach them the alphabet, the words, the sentences, and the structure so they have the freedom to express themselves and communicate with those who are on the same wavelength and speak the same language.

    Learn to speak the language of dance-the right way

    You can’t learn a language by reading a book or watching videos. You have to speak it and be immersed in it. That’s why we create a friendly and relaxing environment for everyone to learn a few dance steps, stumble, feel uncoordinated, and make mistakes along the way. Just like when you’re learning a language. It takes time to be fluent, and mistakes and feedback are all part of the learning process.

    So book a place on our next 6-week course and learn the language of dance the right way. Join us for fun, relaxing, and enjoyable experience that will help you build some solid foundations for the next steps on your dance journey.

  4. FREE Private Lindy Hop Lessons with Lindy Jazz

    November 28, 2023 by Joo-Lee

    I wanted to share with you an incredible opportunity that Andy and I discovered as a game-changer in our dance journey—private lessons. While attending classes worldwide and subscribing to dance videos was amazing, the true magic happened when we sought feedback.

    We invested in private sessions with instructors from different corners of the globe. Their insights opened our eyes to things we couldn’t see on our own, accelerating our learning in ways we never imagined.

    Learning independently is fantastic, but sometimes, there are blind spots we’re unaware of. That’s why seeking feedback is an essential part of your Lindy Jazz course. That’s why we’re offering FREE Online Private Lessons!

    Even if you’re unable to attend all six weeks of the next course, worry not! You’ll receive online feedback as part of your Lindy Jazz course.

    Here’s a fantastic example: I’ve obtained permission from Terry to share a video that immensely benefits everyone. If you’re comfortable sharing your videos with the group, feel free to post them. However, if you prefer a more personalized approach, I’m offering exclusive private online feedback sessions. Just send your video to me privately via messenger.

    This special offer aims to take your skills and provide tailored guidance to refine your dance techniques.

    Keep dancing, learning, and don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

    Remember, getting feedback is the best way to improve and refine your skills. Keep dancing and learning!

  5. Mind the Gap!

    July 19, 2023 by Joo-Lee

    If someone asked you, ‘how long have you been dancing?’, what would you say?

    For me, it’s not an easy question to answer! I started dancing 30 years ago, but I didn’t dance consistently. But thanks to a local council that organised an incredible week-long dance summer school in 1993, I had the chance to learn to Lindy Hop. There began a wonderful journey that exploded my social life and helped me discover the joy of learning a fascinating skill.

    From Botching Ballet to Loving Lindy Hop

    It’s not conventional in the Lindy Hop community to issue certificates, so I am particularly pleased to have this certificate presented by Sedgefield District as it marks an important moment in my life!

    When I started out on my dance journey, I had no dance experience at all, except for a couple of years of trying ballet back when I was a child, and discovering that it definitely was not my forte!

    Ballet was not my forte!

    So when the opportunity came along to try the Lindy Hop at a local summer dance school, I jumped in with both feet. Not least because it was being taught by the world famous teachers from the London based company, the Jiving Lindy Hoppers.

    It was an exhilarating experience learning to dance the Charleston and Lindy Hop from 9-5 every day for a week. I will always remember this experience of living and breathing dance, and being completely immersed in the art.

    That summer school reignited my passion again for all things dance and over the next 4 years, I tried out every social dance style available. But it was Lindy Hop, an incredibly social dance that influenced later dances like jive, that really captured my heart and led to an explosion in my social life.

    The Gaps in My Learning

    In 1999, in the days before virtual classes,  I started following the Lindy Hop dance scene around the world in an attempt to learn to dance with flair and confidence, but my learning was haphazard. I’d go to a one-week dance camp in Sweden and have no dance class or anyone to practise with when I got home. Or I’d attend a one-off class in London or Edinburgh when I could take time out.

    So for about 10 years, I stumbled my way through social dance events, feeling that I didn’t have the confidence I should have for someone who was so passionate about the dance.

    But one day, I realised that I hadn’t had 10 years of consistent or progressive lessons, feedback to check on my unhelpful habits, or the opportunity to social dance or practise with a local scene. All the things I would have gotten if I’d attended great swing dance classes consistently.

    So how did I fill these gaps in my learning and become the confident social dancer I am today?

    The Basics aren’t Boring!

    I spent time building strong foundations, working on my basic moves and seeking private tuition from patient and knowledgeable teachers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the basics are boring and aren’t ‘fancy’ enough. When learning to dance, many people are often impatient to build skills and they just want to fast forward to the stylish or complicated moves. But learning to dance well is about substance, not just style. If you have good foundations, fancy moves can easily be learned so much more quickly.

    Learn the Tools You Need to Dance with Confidence

    I had gaps in my learning so it took me a while to build confidence. But now I’ve developed a proven system to teach the foundations of the Lindy Hop to anyone who wants to dance with confidence and flair.

    Whether you are completely new to dancing or an experienced dancer who is feeling stuck or just can’t quite master something, my system can give you a clearer understand of technique and fill those gaps in your learning.

    In our Lindy Hop classes in Durham, we specialise in teaching those all-important foundations skills, because we believe that anyone who wants to experience the joy of dance shouldn’t be held back by gaps in their skills.

    Are you ready to learn the tools you need to dance with confidence?

    Here’s a free online course to get you started.

    Like what you’ve seen? Check out our next Lindy Hop course starting 13th September.

    Great dancing starts with good foundations.

  6. What To Consider When Looking for Private Swing Dance Lessons

    July 2, 2023 by Joo-Lee

    Lindy Hop, Brass Festival Durham, Lindy Jazz
    Swing Dance Teacher, Joo-Lee & Andy dancing at Durham Town Hall

    Swing dance is a vibrant and energetic form of dance that has captivated people for decades. If you’re interested in learning this exciting dance style, private swing dance lessons can provide you with personalised attention and focused instruction. However, finding the right private swing dance lessons that align with your goals and expectations is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the key considerations to keep in mind when searching for private swing dance lessons that will help you gain confidence and flow on the dance floor in a short amount of time.

    Define Your Goals:
    Before embarking on your journey to find private swing dance lessons, it’s essential to establish your goals. Determine whether you want a crash course in swing dance or a more comprehensive learning experience. If your aim is to gain confidence and flow quickly, finding an expert instructor who can provide clear foundations and guide you through the mechanics of the dance is paramount.

    Expert Instruction:
    Look for private swing dance lessons taught by instructors with extensive experience in swing dance. An expert instructor will possess in-depth knowledge of the dance style and be able to break down complex moves into easy-to-understand steps. Their expertise will ensure that you receive proper guidance, allowing you to grasp the rhythm in a clear, non-jargon way. This will accelerate your learning process and give you the ability to swing dance confidently by the end of your lessons.

    Personalised Attention:
    One of the significant advantages of private swing dance lessons is the individualised attention you receive. Unlike group lessons, private lessons allow the instructor to tailor the curriculum to your specific needs and learning pace. Ensure that the instructor you choose is committed to understanding your goals and adjusting the lessons accordingly. Personalised attention will give you the opportunity to focus on areas where you need improvement and progress at a pace that suits you.

    Clear Foundations:
    To become proficient in swing dance, it’s crucial to have a strong foundation. Look for private swing dance lessons that emphasise building a solid understanding of the basic steps, posture, and technique. With clear foundations, you will develop a strong base upon which to build more complex moves and variations. A well-structured curriculum will provide you with a step-by-step approach that gradually introduces new concepts while reinforcing the fundamentals.

    Confidence and Flow:
    The ultimate goal of private swing dance lessons is to instil confidence and flow in your dancing. A skilled instructor will not only teach you the technical aspects but also help you develop a sense of rhythm and musicality. By the end of your lessons, you should feel comfortable on the dance floor, moving with grace and fluidity. Ensure that the instructor emphasises the connection between movement and music, enabling you to express yourself through the dance.

    Considering your budget is an essential factor when looking for private swing dance lessons. It’s important to understand how instructors structure their fees and what you’re paying for. Some instructors may charge based on the time they spend with you during lessons, while others may focus on delivering results.

    If you’re on a tight budget, instructors who offer lower rates might seem appealing. However, it’s crucial not to solely base your decision on price. Take the time to enquire about what you can expect to achieve through their instruction. Don’t hesitate to ask the instructor for more information regarding the value and benefits they provide.

    You might be surprised to find that experienced instructors who charge higher rates can offer a more efficient and effective learning experience. Their expertise and knowledge can help you achieve your goals more quickly, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run. Investing in a skilled and experienced instructor can significantly impact the quality of your learning journey.

    Keep in mind that while fees are an important consideration, they should not be the sole determining factor in your decision. Consider the overall value, expertise, and benefits you will gain from the private swing dance lessons before making your final choice.

    When selecting private swing dance lessons, it’s vital to consider your budget and the fees associated with the instruction. Remember that lower-priced lessons may seem appealing initially, but it’s essential to assess the value and benefits offered by each instructor. Don’t hesitate to ask about the potential results and achievements you can expect from their tutelage.

    Keep an open mind when considering instructors who charge higher rates, as their experience and expertise may lead to quicker and more effective results, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run. Striking a balance between cost and quality will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and expectations.

    By carefully considering all the factors mentioned in this blog post, including goals, expert instruction, personalised attention, clear foundations, confidence and flow, and fees, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect private swing dance lessons that will enable you to dance with confidence and grace. Embrace the journey and get ready to swing your way to an enjoyable and fulfilling dance experience!

  7. What Level Are You?

    May 12, 2023 by Joo-Lee

    Swing dancing is a fun and exciting activity that has been around for decades. While many dance styles have formal levels, swing dancing takes a different approach.

    At Lindy Jazz, we believe that swing dancing is all about social dancing and having fun, rather than exams or competitions. Therefore, we don’t refer to levels in our teaching.

    Instead of asking dancers what level they think they are, we ask if they have TIME to learn. Our courses are designed for those who have carved out a little time to learn a new skill.

    We have two classes on Wednesday evenings:

    19:30 for everyone including New Dancers

    20:30 for Experienced Dancers.

    New Dancers are those who are new to swing dancing or still feel unfamiliar with the moves. Experienced Dancers, on the other hand, have had the opportunity to attend classes and more importantly, the time to practice and become familiar with the moves.

    Our swing dancing courses are offered as 6-week face-to-face classes, with additional support such as detailed videos showing the moves, as well as a private Messenger group where you can get answers to your questions in between classes.

    We believe that the best way to learn swing dancing is by dancing with others, which is why we offer classes on Wednesdays in Durham.

    You’re welcome to join the class for everyone, including New Dancers at 19:30, if you have time and some dance experience, continue with a class for Experienced Dancers.

    At Lindy Jazz, we believe that swing dancing is for everyone, regardless of their level. Whether you’re new to swing dancing or an experienced dancer, we have a class that’s right for you.

    Come join us for a fun and exciting experience that will have you dancing in no time!

    See more details of the next Lindy Jazz course here:


  8. In The Mood

    October 30, 2022 by Joo-Lee

    I started Lindy Jazz classes back in 2007. A lot has changed since those early days, but when it comes to my teaching method, there’s one big difference.

    I no longer ask my class participants to practise. I simply help them to practise if they wish to. 

    Yes, you read that right. All I ask is that they arrive to class in a good mood. By that, I mean receptive and ready to try new ways of looking at their technique.

    That’s the secret to becoming a really good dancer, and it saves so much time!

    Why Being Receptive Helps Your Dancing

    So often, I see people coming to class feeling stressed from a hard day’s work or a stressful experience. They’ve been stuck in traffic. They’ve had an altercation with someone. Then they bring their bad mood to class and it makes it far harder for them to learn.

    It’s not easy when you’ve had a bad day, but a simple shift in mindset to a receptive frame of mind makes it more likely that you’ll take in what you’re being taught.

    Why Adult Beginners Don’t Learn as Fast as They Want To

    When adult learners learn new skills, whatever they are, there are a few reasons why they might not learn as fast as they want to;

    They Want to Run Before They Can Walk

    We all live such busy lives and we want results fast. Learning how to dance properly, with finesse and skill, takes time. It’s the time you invest in the learning that pays off. But if you don’t take the time to learn the foundation skills, you’ll have to spend more time unlearning bad habits that you’ve picked up.

    They Want to Be Perfect RIGHT NOW!

    You’ve probably heard the saying ‘enjoy the process.’ However, so many of us don’t. We should be taking the time to enjoy each stage of learning, but we get impatient because we want to dance and we want to be perfect right now.

    Get in the Mood and Be Receptive

    I honestly don’t mind whether someone has done their dance practice or not. What I often feel sad to see is when people who don’t have the time to practice expect their new skills to fall into place immediately. When they don’t, they spend time over thinking, over analysing, or getting stuck in self-doubt. What would be far better is if they were aware of their mood and shifted their mindset to ‘I will give this a go, I’m willing to be patient, and I’m not giving up.’

    Believe. Be Patient. Keep Going.

    In my 30 years of teaching, I have noticed that it’s the people who are able to relax and be in a receptive frame of mind that have transformed the way they learn. They have achieved skills beyond their wildest dreams by discovering the secret to learning well; relaxing, letting go of worries, and letting go of concerns about making mistakes. Try it, and you’ll be amazed at how it transforms your dance practice.

    Relax, Let go, and Learn to Swing Out with Lindy Jazz!

    Join our new Swing Dance course and learn to dance with style & confidence.

    Here’s What You Get:

    ✅ 6 weeks of live tuition with Joo-Lee & Andy;

    ✅ For all levels 19:30 -20:15 Lindy Hop Fundamentals;

    ✅ For Experienced Dancers 20:15 -21:00 Advanced Variations;

    ✅ Access to online videos to help you recap the moves in between classes;

    ✅ Access to private Facebook Messenger group so you can ask about anything!;

    ✅ Optional online feedback on your practice video.

    Ready for the step-by-step guidance you need to dance with style and confidence at social events?

    Yes, sign me up!

  9. Who’s The Boss?

    October 16, 2022 by Joo-Lee

    I don’t normally start watching Strictly Come Dancing right from the beginning when they introduce the celebrities and their professional partners. This is because I am more interested in the dancing then the gushing, screaming, and endless talking!
    Listening and Letting Go
    However, this year I have decided to listen to what the celebrities and professionals have to say about themselves. Of course, most of them said that they were going to work very hard and that they’re excited. None of them mentioned that they were prepared to do lots of listening!

    Last year’s winner, Rose, was a great listener and I believe that this is the foundation for any student who wants to make the most of the expertise that’s being given to them.

    Another important thing you need to do when you want to learn something is to let go of the need to be in charge. This helps you be more open to receiving the learning. I listened to one of the new contestants this year who mentioned that he was used to being in charge and that he’d find it really hard to let go of being in control.

    In the past, the celebrities I’ve seen struggle have been the ones who are usually in charge in their family or professional lives. Having to let go and allowing someone else to take charge was just too much of a huge shift.

    The Secret Sauce to Incredible Progress
    I have found parallels in our Swing dance classes. People often worry that they will struggle in class because have no dance experience. In fact, it’s often the people with no experience, an open mind, and a readiness to receive the tuition who are the most likely to make incredible progress.
    People who may have some dance experience, particularly experience of a different dance style they are used to being successful in, can often struggle in a beginner’s Swing dance class. This might be because they don’t think of themselves as being ‘new’ even though they are complete beginners in this dance style.

    Let Your Teacher Be the Boss!
    Whether you are new to dancing, new to Swing dance, or you’ve danced before and want to learn some new moves, letting go is the key to success. Releasing the need to be in charge or trying to figure things out for yourself means the pieces of the puzzle will slot into place a lot quicker. Let your teachers be in charge of the process, allow them to guide you, and you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make!

  10. Have You Got 5 Minutes?

    October 7, 2022 by Joo-Lee

    It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in and Strictly Come Dancing is back on Saturday nights. Of course, I love watching it for entertainment, but it’s very interesting to watch it from a dance teacher’s point of view too.

    In Week 1, head judge Shirley Ballas had this to say to every contestant / celebrity:

    “The work is about to start! Work ethic is key. Pay attention to your teacher. And when you’ve done a long day, do some more. And the more practice you do, the better you will become.”

    Is Learning to Dance All About Hard Work?

    Learning to social dance is not the same as learning intensively in a short space of time for a reality TV contest or competition. Anyone watching Strictly might worry about how hard learning to dance might be. Or it might have the opposite effect. People who learn to dance for social reasons might think ‘well I’m not aiming to be on a show, so I don’t need to practise.’

    Well yes you can take small steps towards learning the moves by just turning up. But if you want to get a real buzz and a huge amount of joy from your dancing, it’s about more than just turning up.

    Bring an Attitude of Fun

    Shirley Ballas is right when she talks about hard work being the key to becoming a great dancer. But I think that getting the most from your swing dance classes is about prioritising fun.

    Is it fun learning to swing dance at Lindy Jazz? Yes! However, hard work is optional. It depends on how far you want to take your dancing. That’s the beauty of it, you choose your own journey!

    Always start with an attitude of fun, that is very important. The next layer of the foundation is PRACTICE. This does not mean you have to practice for hours on end every single day with a view to performing in front of millions every Saturday night like the contestants on Strictly. Though If you can set aside five minutes a day to practice, this will make a huge difference to your dancing progress.

    Have You Got 5 Minutes?

    Class members often tell me that they can’t remember what they’ve learnt in class. After a busy week of work and family commitments, and not a single minute of dance practice included in their busy schedule, that is no surprise.

    If you can find just 5 minutes per day to practice, the improvement in your confidence will be significant. That means you’ll arrive for week 2 ready to move your feet then when you learn about moving your arms in week 3, it will all feel so much easier!

    So an attitude of fun is desirable and hard work is optional, but practice is THE must do to get the most out of your Lindy Hop Classes.

    Why not take a small step to fitting more practice in to your schedule? Look at your diary, schedule in a 5-minute slot each day, and login to our online videos which are specially recorded to help you enjoy your practice.

    And as they say on Strictly, ‘Keep Dancing!’

    Want to join the next Lindy Hop course which includes practice videos and lesson recaps? Read more.