Why Brush Up?

April 16, 2014 by Joo-Lee

DSC00787I believe there are 2 ways to learn to dance:

  1. We can fill our brains with information in the hope that the more we have, the better our dancing will become.


  1. We can focus on the little things that make a big difference, using our time effectively and seeing more rewarding results.

My personal choice is the latter, which is where the idea for ‘Brush Up’ came from.

Due to life’s busy nature, not all of us can come to class regularly. In between times we have the potential to develop bad habits; symptoms include- tense limbs, loss of bounce or, dare I say it… sloppy triple steps, eek!

A triple step can cause problems in leading AND following. If they’re not well articulated, your partner won’t be able to tell what you’re leading or, will have a harder job trying to lead you.

We don’t necessarily know if our basic steps are neat, precise and rhythmic; so we need someone to come and tidy them up for us.

‘Brush Up’ workshops are like a private lesson shared by a small group. As your teachers, this gives us time to look at your dancing, dance with you and provide tailored advice.

As a dancer it’s an opportunity to ask the questions you’ve never asked in class. Helping you to identify simple things that could have a huge impact on your dancing.

So, even if you think triple steps are something you’ve done before, brushing up your basics can help build strong foundations for your dancing to grow on.

Go on, brush up your dancing skills!

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