Flattening your fear – Why it’s okay to have two left feet!

April 17, 2015 by Joo-Lee



How do you feel about trying something new? Like dancing?

Every week new people come along to Lindy Jazz and for many it will be their first experience of trying a dance class.

It’s often assumed that you need to be a naturally good dancer, have a special talent or previous dance experience to learn to dance as an adult, but this simply isn’t true. Anyone can learn to dance!

One of the things I love doing most is to teach people who feel they cannot dance. If you’re new to dancing and wondering where to start take a look at my top four fear flattening tips! Hopefully they’ll remove some of the fear and mystique around dance and help get you started.

1. Gather information

Ask questions. This may seem obvious but we can waste a lot of time anticipating every possible answer to that question we’re desperate to ask! By contacting the organiser you can get a better idea of what to expect plus lots of other helpful information like what clothes & shoes to wear. Being prepared can make ‘the new’ feel much less daunting.

2. Start with your comfort zone

Make it easy! Make it manageable! It’s easy to be put off something new if we “bite off more than we can chew” in the first place. Look out for classes that are for total beginners or beginner-friendly and build up from there. See, I didn’t say stay in your comfort zone I said ‘start’ with it!

3. Move to the music you love

It’s harder to dance to music you don’t know or don’t like. So look out for a class that plays music you can connect with, whether it’s pop, latin, jazz or blues. Once you’re more familiar with dancing come out of your comfort zone and try other types of music or styles of dancing, have an open mind, you may find a new love!

4. Two’s company, three’s definitely not a crowd!

And in this case the more the merrier! See if a friend will go with you, even if it’s just to the first class, as this may help you to feel more confident. Better still, go with a group of friends & make it a fun and sociable occasion. You don’t need a partner for most dance classes, even if it is a partner dance, but things are often less scary with a comrade.

From Monday 20 April I’ll be teaching the first regular weekly classes in Lindy Hop & SwingFitness at Dance City and I’m so excited! If swing or jazz is your type of music, you love all things vintage or just fancy a taste of the cheeky Charleston, come and give it a go! Let’s try something new together.

Find out more about Lindy Hop & SwingFitness at Dance City.


  1. amphibi0s says:

    Thanks for the advice – I live in London and have been thinking about doing Lindy hop for a long time but have always worried about needing a partner to do it. Too much of the last person to be picked for sports vide XD

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