The Zen of Parking

November 9, 2013 by Joo-Lee

What has parking got to do with dancing?!

If you can imagine rushing to a busy shopping centre on a weekend, knowing in your mind before you leave you’re not going to find a space when you’re in a hurry and you’ve decided in advance that there are no spaces as you would inevitably only notice the occupied spaces. It’s super hard to find an empty space when you’re rushing and short of time, it’s not enjoyable and you inevitably just want to turn around and go home.

It’s similar when you go along to a dance class, if you’ve decided in your mind you have no rhythm or it’s going to be hard to learn; and when you get there, your two left feet just seem to be out of time with the rhythm! It’s much easier to learn if you don’t decide beforehand that you’re going to find it hard or to put pressure on yourself to get it ‘right’ right here, right now. Having an open mind and a relaxed attitude will make everything so much easier and so much more enjoyable.

The point I’m trying to make is patience is the key. If you have patience you’ll progress, not just trying to find a parking space but with learning new moves too. Putting too much pressure on getting things right first time also results in stressful situations and lack of enjoyment. Breathe, give yourself a few seconds or even a few weeks and take your time; achievement comes to those who wait!

Here are some great tips to ensure every class is worthwhile and enjoyable:

Upon arrival, have a drink. Taking a relaxing few minutes to settle in and have a tea or coffee will most certainly leave your work or family stresses behind for an hour or two.

Have a chat, meet new faces. Every class is different and whether you’re brand new or have been coming every week, it’s always good to take inspiration from a new face with fresh enthusiasm.

Switch off the robot! Everyday life can be full of busyness and busy thoughts that occupy our already busy minds. Switch off the busy voices in your head, leave the stresses of the office behind and get ready to have fun. With new moves, great music and friendly people around you, take those few hours and have them for yourself… and just be yourself.

At Lindy Jazz we cater for everyone’s abilities, whether it’s absolute beginner or experienced professional, we recommend this approach; be relaxed, engaged and ready to dance!

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